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Get Ready for Taxes:  What's new for 2023

Dec 6, 2022  The IRS encourages taxpayers to get ready for the new tax season.  Here are some key items for taxpayers to consider before filing 2022 taxes.  Click this link for more


Elise has been doing our taxes for several years and we are extremely pleased to have her available. She is easy to work with, is trustworthy, detailed and efficient. We have never had a problem with any taxes she has done for us. We would highly recommend her to anyone.

Mike & Janet P.

Elise is excellent with the details and absolutely understands the ins and outs of traditional accounting as well as tax preparation and filing.  She’s been key in getting our list of accounting projects under control.  We are fortunate that Elise Reaves is the accountant for Pivot Consulting Group, and we can’t say enough great things about her!

Sarah E., Pivot Consulting Group

"As a newly retired person I made an uninformed decision about the percent to withhold for federal taxes out of my Required Minimum Distributions... Elise was very patient, and made sure I understood what I needed to do to correct course so I would not receive a penalty when it came time to pay 2017 taxes."

 Jean K.

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